Sunday, August 22, 2010


I was glad I made that "line in the sand" post yesterday 'cause I came back and re-read it several times while I was pushing my body around. There were a few times whilst I assembled that bloody heavy bike that I found myself wishing there were a man around, wondering if I could do it, generally whining and bitching ... so I'd take a break, sit down at the computer, have a glass of water, and re-read that. Then gird my loins and get on with the next part.

In the end the bike is all put together and I took it for a test spin. Must see if I can find my fatty bike shorts this morning 'cause that saddle feels hard! I know I need to break in my butt again and that'll take a couple of weeks, no big deal, and my preferred saddle on my road bike is a Brooks, for gawdsake, so it's not the saddle that's at fault. It, unlike the Brooks, actually has a little padding on it, but my butt's going "noooooo, you fat cow!"

Considering setting up my big laptop where I can see it when I'm spinning and buying a "virtual ride" like this one for motivation, 'cause let's face it ... exercise bikes are bloody boring! But I know that if I want to ride my real bike again I need to suck it up and start doing what it takes to get into some kind of shape (that doesn't resemble your average walrus).

I'm feeling a bit tired and discouraged today. Seems my weight loss has stalled out for several days now, even though I'm moving more, eating less, and doing pretty good at keeping the food at < 20 net carbs and under 2000 cals. Logic says I should be steadily losing, but I'm not, so there's something else going on there. Holding on to water, maybe? Muscles inflamed, holding more water even? Dunno. I can't accept that fat loss isn't happening, not looking back over my Fitday for the last couple of weeks.

Patience, grasshopper. Patience.

Edit: Yes, something else is going on, 'cause I just tried on a pair of old jeans one size down and they fit! (Okay, a little tight, but a month ago I couldn't even button 'em!)

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