Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Power Tools

Right. I've got an idea!

I have a house. It's my house. Small, but mine (and the mortgage company's, yeah). All mine. For the first time in my life. I've had this house for a bit over a year now and it's finally really sinking in: It's MY house. I can do anything I want in and to MY house.

I've always wanted to learn how to do stuff with power tools. How to build stuff. Not big stuff (not at first, anyway) but useful stuff. To learn how to do stuff that I would otherwise have to hire out and spend a small fortune to have done.

I need to get up off my lazy arse and move around. Get away from this computer and get some exercise. ANY exercise! 

Hey, why not buy some damn power tools and learn how to use 'em? What a great idea! *slightly manic grin*

(My ex would be having fits right now. That's one reason he's an ex. We owned a house together for 8 years but it was never really my house. I couldn't do a damn thing in or to it without him having fits. Now I have my own house!)

Anyway, I plan to start out small. My cat needs a shelf by my office window. With a ramp, because she's going on 16 years old and wouldn't be able to make the jump. My office needs more room 'cause it's a tiny little room. Right now she's using a really awful cat-tree thing from Wal-Mart with an old PC tower as a step up. It's less than ideal. She wants to sit at the window and watch the bird feeders in the back yard. And be close to me so she can claw at my shoulder for attention. (She's just a bit spoiled, wouldn't you say?)

So why not build her a shelf and ramp? That will be my first project. I'm starting at the bottom of the learning curve here, so I want to start small with picking out the wood, brackets, hinges, carpet and putting it all together. Gotta learn how to find wall studs, how to cut and attach cleats to the ramp, all that.

I'll post pictures this weekend. Feel free to laugh hysterically.

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