Goal Tracking

I suppose I ought to have some goals to work toward, eh?

Okay, the first one is going to have something to do with my spinning bike. I need some motivation to do something besides look at it and say "oooh, it's shiny!" So I'm just gonna arbitrarily set a goal to ride 100 miles on that sucker this month. That's a little stretch since I'm starting at 0, but it's only the third now and if I actually get on the bloody thing I should be able to do it.

Okay, assuming (from past experience) my spin speed puts me at ~10mph. That's .166 miles per minute, or 1.666 miles in 10 minutes or .833 miles in 5 minutes roughly, and feel free to check my math. So I have to ride (very roughly) 600 minutes this month. Yeah, that'll stretch me a bit, but I think I can pull it off.

Date:           9/13
Minutes:        10
Total Minutes:  88/600
Total Miles:    14.608/100