Friday, August 6, 2010

Being fat sucks!

I was reminded pretty firmly yesterday just how much it sucks when I had to trudge across half a mile of parking lot in 98F weather, sweating like a fat cow. Twice. And my ankles and right knee protested loudly. I'm pretty sure if you listened closely you could hear them muttering, "Okay, fatso, FFS, lose some weight already! This hurts!"

Yeah, it did hurt. And then I got home last night, my whole body was tired and achy (partly stress from the day, partly walking a lot, partly the heat, partly adjusting to the diet). The cat insisted on a belly rub so I dutifully complied, like the obedient feline servant that I am, and bent down to give her the worship she thinks is appropriately her due. Straightened up and got a massive muscle cramp in my back, right side below the shoulder blade over the rib cage. Owwwww! 

That STILL hurts this morning, along with my lower back (all that walking, carrying all this weight, no surprise).

I'm tired of being this heavy. In all meanings of "tired."

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