Saturday, August 21, 2010

Line in the Sand

 WWE Evolution Theme Song:
Evolution is a mystery
A small change that no one sees.
Clock makes a fool of history .
Yesterday's so long ago, don't agree with what I know .
Tomorrow becomes a place to be.

I see the line in the sand
Time to find out who I am
Looking back to see where I stand.  

Yeah. I think I have to draw that line in the sand. When even doing basic housework chores is exhausting and painful it's time to make a life change. Redefine who I am.

I said that in passing to my best friend the other day: "I feel like I'm redefining myself now." He simply replied, "Yes, I noticed." and smiled.

Who I was  ... was a fat, lazy, weak nerd, honestly. And a door-mat who allowed others (including herself) to tell her that she couldn't, that she was helpless and dependent on others to do for her. A meek sponge of a person that I don't actually like very much. Sure, there are lots of reasons (excuses) for becoming that person over the last 10 years, but none that don't sound like whining to who I am now

Who I am ... is a strong, confident, active nerd. A woman who makes her own decisions and doesn't allow herself to be pushed down paths she doesn't want to go. A woman who thinks of herself, at 45, as in her prime and reaching out to live life to the fullest. Finally. A person who doesn't need someone to do for her because she can bloody well do for herself. A person I actually like.

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