Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yesterday was a bit of a rough day all 'round. Was in my office at 6 am, back home at 9 to pick up the cat and take her to the vet 'cause she had an open sore under her tail. Was hoping it was trivial and scared that it wasn't. I'll admit the wee spoiled moggy is kinda like my only child and I worry more and more as she gets older (she's pushing 16 here). Sooo off to the vet we go and it turned out that it was what I'd feared - she had a badly infected anal gland, so a quick (and fairly minor, as these things go) emergency surgery. Back home at noon with an incredibly indignant cat wearing one of those stoopid cones of shame.

She's been staggering around being depressed ever since, not that I blame her in the least with a plastic cone on her head and an extra hole in her butt. She's obviously in a lot of pain and frustrated that she can't move around freely with that thing around her head, and I'm feeling all sorts of guilty for having to make her wear it. Hopefully she'll be healed up enough that I can take it off Friday when I'm home all day to supervise her.

The office mate, bless her, has settled down over the food thing finally. She's made it through six days on her pre-lap-band liquid diet and stopped whining about people eating in front of her, at least at work. Sounds like she's still making her husband eat in another room, though. Yeesh. Yesterday afternoon another programmer came over to work on the spare computer in our office, dragging his bag o' Taco Bell with him, and we were both joking about hanging over his shoulder and drooling while he ate.

Managed to stay fairly clean on the diet yesterday, although not enough water ... only two liters, should'a had another when I got home but was so tired and depressed about the cat and stressed about some things going on at work that honestly I didn't even think of it. Ended up just grabbing supper and crawling into bed. Kinda lost control there in the end and munched too much, but at least it was all on plan. Too many calories but the carb count was excellent.

Now I need to figure out what it was I ate last night that triggered the acid attack. Grrrr. Probably the snack combination of pork rinds, blue cheese dressing, and coconut bark (coconut oil, cocoa powder, and splenda). 

On a side note: The jeans I was wearing yesterday were literally starting to fall off!

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