Saturday, August 7, 2010

Recipe - Simple Chicken Bake

This is one of my staples on the VLC diet. Super super simple, fast, easy. Did I mention simple? This creates several meals for one dieter. Excellent for a quick, cold (but greasy) breakfast or hot with a salad. Or the chicken shredded on a salad.

  • Chicken - Several pounds
  • Ranch Dressing Mix packet
  • Whole Mushrooms - I don't measure, just a bunch o' mushrooms
  • Feta or Romano cheese, crumbled or shredded - A cup, give or take
Oven @ 350 degrees

Start with a load of chicken. I typically use thighs because I like dark meat. I normally just buy the cheap "family pack."

Put the chicken in a big plastic bag. Yeah, I use the unscented trash bags. I'm that lazy.

Dump the Dressing Mix on the chicken. Close the top of the bag. Shake to coat the chicken.

Open the bag, toss in the cheese, close and shake again.

Open the bag, pour out onto a large baking pan with sides (don't use a cookie sheet without high sides, trust me). Spread the chicken out more or less evenly. Don't fuss too much, you're not creating art, just dump 'em on and spread 'em out.

Spread the 'shrooms over the top and in between the pieces of chicken.

Toss the whole mess into the oven and walk away for an hour.

Omnomnomnomnom while reflecting that yes, this IS diet food!

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