Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Right, what next?

Came home from work yesterday early (only worked five hours) 'cause my lower back and right leg were having major muscle spasms. Just took it easy the rest of the day and went to bed early. Down another half a pound this morning, which made me smile. Yeah, I know, half a pound is in the noise, nothing to get excited about, but at least I can say I don't weigh 300 freakin' pounds anymore.

Feeling better this morning, still a little stiff but not as sore. Will pop a couple of Aleve and get on with it. I need to clean up the mess I made over the weekend, start getting stuff organized, and tackle this bloody house. I'm living in what feels like a trash heap right now (very low tolerance for clutter, me, and surrounded by it at the mo).

Sitting here this morning wondering what my next crafting project should be. There's part of me wants to tackle something really ambitious, but the rest of me knows I don't really have the mad skillz for anything major yet and I should pick something small and simple. The first thing that comes to mind on the ambitious side is to build a big workbench. With locking drawers and wheels. And a pegboard behind for my stuff.

On the smaller side, I need a sun screen for one end of my patio 'cause during certain parts of the day the sun shines directly onto the patio and it's too hot to be out there for long right now. I also want to build a pet ramp at the end of my bed. Right now I have a jury-rigged set of steps for the cat (it's a high bed, she's an old cat) but it would be nice to have a proper ramp for her and the future pup.

Yeah, those would be good simple projects.

Guessing that the sun screen will be something pre-fab that I just have to fasten to the top cross-piece on the patio. I don't want something permanent, just something I can drop down when needed or roll up out of the way when not. Need to measure and Google.

The ramp might be a bit more challenging, but I'm pretty sure I've seen actual plans for that somewhere on the intarwebs. I'm thinking something really simple. It doesn't need stairs; just a ramp with a rubber mat for claw and pad grip.

Hmmm. Off to Google I go.

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