Who Is This Nut, Anyway

Kestrel is a 22 year old skinny chick stuck in a 44 year old fat body, trying to claw her way out. By day she's a software engineer who really doesn't get office politics and just wants to be left alone to do her job, by night she's mom to a furry toddler who meows a lot and is planning to add a puppy this winter because there's just not enough chaos in her life.

Two years ago she walked out of a 10-year marriage, instantly losing 220 pounds. Last year she bought a house of her very own. This year she's trying to shed the rest of her extraneous weight and learning how to repair and remodel her house all by herself, having never used power tools before in her life. She has around 150 pounds left to go.

She's figuring on losing the fat suit by primarily low-carbing it and getting some exercise, at least initially.

Oh, the blog name? Kestrel is one of the names I've used online for years. Falco Sparverius is the American kestrel. Nothing more exciting than that, I'm afraid.