Saturday, August 21, 2010

I never know what to title my posts

In an odd head-space today, just kinda mentally all over the place.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Food-wise I did well, 1600 cals and 19 net carbs. Not enough water. Kinda fell off the water-wagon there. But feeling good overall about the day.

Got lots done around the house. Finally finished unpacking and clearing the bedroom, which feels good. Can actually move around in there now. Figured out how to root out my kitchen plumbing, so my sink drains again. Got my dishwasher partially fixed at least, so it works (more or less) again. I need to find the manual for that dishwasher and fix it properly.

Found my kitchen. *grin*  Still have to finish off one more load of dishes and do the floor, but it looks like a kitchen again and not just a repository for dirty dishes and trash.

Relevant to the above two paragraphs, sometimes I do still miss being married, sometimes I still feel a bit helpless, but then I remember that it was 10 years of marriage to that man that made me feel helpless and there's no good reason to feel that way. I can learn how to do this stuff for myself, and it feels bloody good to do it by myself. I like not having a man hanging over my shoulder, completely incapable of doing it himself (or too lazy, honestly) but perfectly capable of whining at me about how I shouldn't even try and should leave it to a professional because obviously, whatever I'm doing, I'm doing it wrong. < /rant>

(I don't need a husband; I need a wife!)

The new spinning bike was delivered yesterday afternoon. Will get it assembled and take it for a test spin today. *excited grin*

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