Sunday, August 15, 2010

Power Tools, Vroom!

Whew, did it! Had a few hitches in the project but in the end I made it. Got that bloody table saw together and apparently did it more or less right 'cause it worked.

Had to run to Ace Hardware repeatedly today (fortunately they're five minutes away). First time 'cause I forgot to buy wood screws to fasten the shelf to the brackets, then back when I couldn't figure out (after 45 minutes of frustration) how to load the staple gun. Rather proud 'cause I'd made it that far without asking for man-help, anyway.

Nice man at Ace (thanks, Rudy!) sent me home to get the staple gun so he could show me how it was done. Sigh of relief when it turned out that he couldn't get the damn thing open either 'cause it was defective. Bought an electric one from him along with staples. Then back to get the right staples. Phew pantpantpant!

I'm tired. I'm sore. My back and legs hurt. But I did it.

Really Awful Cat Perch

Much Nicer

Her Ladyship Agrees

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