Sunday, August 29, 2010

My entire body's screaming ...

"Oh, you fat old cow! Lose some freakin' weight already!"  

Spent two hours at Lowes buying the bits and bobs I needed for this next project, plus a few more tools ... most notably a compound miter saw. Then I went to the grocery store and stocked up for the week. Staggered home because by then my lower back and right leg were deeply unhappy with me.

Took a short break, then stripped off my bed and shoved everything in the wash (several trips up and down the basement stairs, which at this weight qualifies as aerobic exercise). Another short break, then offloaded everything from the car and tidied up my work area quite a bit. Managed to fill my big trash can to overflowing.

Another short break, then measured and cut the big pieces on the table saw. Still afraid of that sucker, but starting to get a little more confident. I'll need to even out the first cut I made with my jig saw, but no big deal. After that I pulled the miter saw out of its box and stared at the directions for a while. Still staring at 'em, trying to put the thing together, but I think I'm close.

By then my back was screaming so I decided to make the bed and call it good for the day. That was seven hours of movement in total, so I patted myself (very gently) on the back. Yeesh, I was exhausted!

Treated myself to a couple of lamb blade chops pan-fried with a light crust of Fumee De Sel, some oven-roasted baby asparagus, and half an avocado chunked up and sprinkled with Maldon Sea Salt. Yummy! (And yes, I have just a bit of a salt fetish. *grin*)  Crashed and burned after I ate, was out cold for about seven hours. Of course, now it's 1:00 AM and I'm wide awake!

This morning I'm tired and ache all over, but it's a good ache. An ache that says I did something yesterday, accomplished something. Wish I'd gotten further on that project, but feeling like I did make serious progress ... not just on the project, but on me. Having a cup of coffee right now, then I'll drag that miter saw in from the patio and see if I can get it all put together so I can finish up the wood cuts with it.

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