Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tired, Sore, Happy

Yesterday was a loooooong day. 12 hours at work. Much too long. Much much too long. But I got a bit more exercise than I'm used to (okay, I call it exercise, you normal people can feel free to sneer now).

Went for two short walks in the morning (thanking the gods for an air-conditioned office building with one long hall that loops around the outer edge). Just enough to get my heart rate up a bit and feel it in my hips and ankles.

Then I got to talking with a co-worker who does a lot of wood-working stuff at home. He's basically torn down and rebuilt parts of his house, and he builds his own sheds and cabinets and stuff, so he knows his way around power tools. So I kidnapped him for a run to our local Harbor Freight store. An hour and a half later I was handing over my credit card to pay for an air compressor, a table saw, a staple gun, a cordless screwdriver, and all the bits and bobs needed to make those do stuff. *grin*

I'm sore today. More activity than I'm used to, obviously. And I still haven't offloaded that stuff from the car. Sore, but happy.

The eating got a bit out of hand yesterday, but stayed within plan at least. We stopped at McD's on the way back to work and I got a bun-less cheeseburger and a diet coke. Then came home late, was tired and ... well, tired ... made a big pan of chicken (see recipe earlier this week) with small skinless thighs. Ate two with a small salad. Was still hungry, so I ate two more.

Today I can finally feel that I'm in ketosis. Woke up with the bad breath and stinky pee. Finally.

(Edit: Just plugged everything from yesterday into Fitday and found that I'd actually stayed WELL within plan. Woo!)

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