Friday, August 20, 2010


Yesterday was kinda an eating disaster. According to Fitday I had around 2,387 cals and 48 carbs. And nothing LIKE enough water. Serious whoops. I hadn't felt like I was being that bad, but had a small sugar-free breve in the morning, then went to lunch with a friend and got an omelet that had quite a bit of onion and green pepper in it. Feeling like the incredible bloat-woman this morning. Purely psychological, but not having a good morning at all.

Ach weel. Will get it back under control this weekend. I have the next three days "off", although I have to work a few hours today ... will remote in from home, so I don't have to get showered and dressed yet and can just sit here and drink my water and coffee while I get some code written and debugged.

Also badly need to tackle some of the mess around here. The contractor will be here late morning to have a look at that gawdawful chimney running right up through my bedroom (not on the wall, nearly the middle of the floor!) and give me a quote for removing it. At this point I would be actually quite embarrassed to have anyone see most of the house. Ugh. What a mess! Needs a shovel and a firehose, I think. *slightly manic grin*

Hey, my spinning bike will be here tomorrow!  Not a freakin' clue where I'm gonna set it up. Probably the middle of the kitchen. That's the biggest room on the main floor. I don't want to put it down in the basement because I'll conveniently forget to use it if I do. At least in the kitchen I'll have to walk by it 15 times a day. Maybe I'll make it a ritual to ride the thing while I'm waiting for my coffee to brew in the morning. And it'll be there staring at me when I get home and drop my badge and stuff on the kitchen table.

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