Monday, August 2, 2010


Oh, look. Yes. It's a new blog. Just what this world needs.

Oh look. Yes. It's a text editor that thinks it can read my mind. Just what this world needs. Stop it!

Ahem. Yes. Sorry. It's this new diet making me cranky. No, wait: I always get cranky when software contradicts me. I have a cat for that, thanks.

Anyway, yeah, I'm afraid that this is not only a new blog ... it's a new diet blog!  Well, sorta. Random blathering about lots of things, but right now my mind is really kinda focused on my weight and the excess of. And the elimination of the excess of. Clearly it's not a blog about grammar.

Why blog? Well, really only because I find that it helps to write things down. And I'm a nerd: I like to write things down all nice and tidy and neatly formatted. Blogger's good for that (hey look, Blogger's text editor tells me that I should be spelling it flogger's). I could do it in something like Word (or OpenOffice for you purists) but Blogger does a pretty good job of doing the formatting for me ... and I'm a lazy git, at the end of the day, which is why I'm on a diet now anyway. Sigh.

So yeah. In short, I'm blogging for me. I'm textually drawing a line in the sand for myself and saying "self, this whole being-a-fat-cow thing is old ... it's time to be a thinner cow, mmkay?" I'm giving myself something to read back over when I get tired and discouraged that will kick my butt and remind me why I'm doing this. And someplace to sing and dance when the scale goes down a bit or I finally get outta my fat-ass jeans.

Expect inappropriate humor, sarcasm, and dollops of cynicism here. 

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