Friday, August 13, 2010

Minor Triumph, I Suppose

Yesterday was my birthday. And an extremely long and frustrating day at work. Yesterday was also the day a cake party was thrown for everyone with a birthday this month. I decided to leave work at 1pm to a) avoid that cake and singing, and b) spoil myself a little by coming home and playing with my new power tools for a bit.

Best-laid plans of mice and programmers: Drama eruption at work and I didn't get out 'til after 2pm. By then I was tired, frustrated, just flat pissed off at the world and one or two people in particular, and frankly feeling downright bitchy and sorry for myself. By the time I went to the grocery store and got home it was pretty close to the time I'd have been home if I'd just sucked it up and not left early at all. So much for playing with my toys.

Went into a full-out tailspin of self-pity, which I don't do very often. But I managed to stick to the plan food-wise, so I'm rather proud of myself there. Had a great big rib-eye steak (a co-worker reminds me that steak rhymes with cake so it's gotta be just as good!) and some pork rinds 'cause I've been craving crunch. Should've had a salad with it but didn't much care, just wanted something to get my teeth into.About 15 net carbs in total yesterday, so backpat!

Not gonna get on the scale today 'cause I'm still pretty funky-mooded (didn't sleep terribly well, and no surprise there after yesterday) and that giganto steak is still sitting there in my gut, but I promise I will tomorrow morning. Will declare Saturday morning my weigh-in day for a while.

Had a dream last night that I was looking at myself in a full-length mirror. Naked. Not something I'm prone to doing when I'm awake, I promise you. But I dreamed that I was kinda taking a peek at myself ... very hesitantly ... looked away quickly ...and then looked back in surprise 'cause I was like a size 12. Very nice dream, in an odd sort of way.

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