Saturday, September 25, 2010

One day more ...

One day to a new beginning
Raise the flag of freedom high.
Every man will be a king.
Every man will be a king.
There's a new world for the winning.
There's a new world to be won.

One good day.
One more day.
One day more!

(Paraphrased from Les Miserables - One Day More)

Yeah. One good day. One more good day. Yesterday was a good day (despite gulping wayyyy too much coffee). Today will be a good day because I came home last night and roasted a turkey. No excuses to get junk when I have a fridge full of  a huge, yummy, tasty turkey!

Ended up leaving work an hour early yesterday 'cause I was so tired I was literally stuttering and staggering. Had gone in early yesterday morning in hopes of getting some work done before drama interruptus. It was a great fantasy. In the end I think I got in an hour (maybe!) of useful work between eruptions of chaos and (ugh) unnecessary meetings.

Planning to work all weekend, but at least I'll get some work done. I absolutely have to finish a set of software documentation this weekend. I know part of the team is planning to show up today, but hopefully not until I have one of the docs done at least, and tomorrow I'll be the only one there. Yeah, I've got a big cheezy grin goin' on here at THAT thought!

The new scale arrived earlier this week and it's lovely. Especially since it's showing me a pound down since Tuesday!


  1. I just read through your whole blog. Interesting and amusing read. Now I am ready to follow your journey, so expect to see me snooping around here. :)

  2. Hey, I thought I heard someone rummaging in the closets! Thanks!