Friday, September 10, 2010

Aaaaand ... Happy Dance!

Whew, survived the doctor yesterday and was actually pleasantly surprised! He started right off about my weight and I held up one hand and said, "Stop, please, and look at the difference between my last visit and today." He did and his eyebrows flew up into his hairline! *grin* 16 pounds down in six weeks!

Suddenly the whole tone of our conversation changed and we actually did have a good conversation. He asked how I was doing it, turns out he's a big believer in low-carb. He listened carefully when I told him I needed a little assistance, explained about my physical challenges (back, knee, sciatica) and how they interfere with my need for exercise, and asked him about a better/safer anti-inflammatory than Aleve, then smiled and nodded and gave me a prescription for something (will tell you the name tomorrow, just dropped off the prescription yesterday without looking too closely at it).

The only thing that troubled me at all about that visit was that he kept gently plugging his clinic's weight-loss program, but it wasn't a big deal. He didn't push too hard, but did say several times, "You'll stall. You'll stop losing weight. This one really keeps that from happening. You have to stay under 1200 calories to really lose weight, you know."

Meh. Stalling happens on any diet. We all know weight loss isn't linear. Medical research is learning that it's not necessarily tied to a specific number of calories, either. I know that at this stage if I dip below around 1400 calories my body will lock up and refuse to let go of the weight. I also know that, because of my food issues (more on those as time goes on), if I start feeling like I'm deprived I'm gonna lose control and gorge.

I did go have a look at the website for this diet, "Ideal Protein." Near as I can tell it's basically high/protein/low-carb-ish/low calorie but you have to buy all their products. I don't think it's necessarily a bad diet. I bet it works, but lots of diets work.

For now I'll happily stick to stuffing my face with low carb/high-fat/moderate protein chicken and eggs and getting some damn exercise. For now it's working very well. S'all I really need to know, innit?

Oh, and 289.6 this morning!

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